TibiaBot NG 9.45, TibiaMC 9.45 - Download

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TibiaBot NG 9.45, TibiaMC 9.45 - Download

Mensagem por white5 em Qui Mar 22, 2012 4:06 pm

Tibia MC 9.45
Tibia MC is a program that allows you to run two or more clients Tibia. Normally you can only play for one customer. Tibia MC can not play two characters at once, if they are in the same account (Here Tibia MC will not help, because it is set 'server-side'). So I need at least two accounts to play two characters at once, the three accounts as we want to play three characters.

Tibia MC 9.45 download


NeoBot 9.45 (Full)
NeoBot is an advanced new generation tool for Tibia who's functionality is completely external and free of the client. It doesn't send or receive packets, doesn't alter memory, doesn't inject dlls and doesn't modify the client's functionality in any way, like most of the other tools do while exposing themselves to many risks like causing otherwise impossible behavior or performing actions at unrealistic speeds. More importantly, this gives rise to many new possibilities!
NeoBot 9.45 (Full) Download

TibiaBot NG 9.45 (Full)
TibiaBot NG is a professionally crafted client modification for the massive multiplayer online role playing game called Tibia. It is the first product around to offer the benefits of full integration into the Tibia client, making any addition to it both natural and powerful.

TibiaBot NG 9.45 Download

IP Changer 9.45
What you can do with this awesome application:
1. Now you can play on OPEN TIBIA SERWERS
2. Us IP-Changer can connect your muliti clients with OTS in this same time
3. You need only one version of us program to connect with OTS for diffrent protocol [7.1 - 9.45]
4. The easiest interface in this type of program

IP Changer 9.45 Download

TibiaMC 9.45 | NeoBot 9.45 | TibiaBot NG 9.45
Files is 100% Clear! No any virus!


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