iBot Tibia 10.31 / Xenobot Tibia 10.31 / Bbot tibia 10.31

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iBot Tibia 10.31 / Xenobot Tibia 10.31 / Bbot tibia 10.31

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iBot Tibia 10.31 / Xenobot Tibia 10.31 / Bbot tibia 10.31

iBot Tibia 10.31

Tibia iBot is an advanced new generation tool for the Tibia client who’s functionality is completely external and free of
the client. It doesn’t send or receive packets, doesn’t alter memory, doesn’t inject dlls and doesn’t modify the client’s
functionality in any way, like most of the other tools do while exposing themselves to many risks like causing otherwise
impossible behavior or performing actions at unrealistic speeds. More importantly, this gives rise to many new possibilities!

iBot was built with a strong and flexible design in mind and can skillfully perform all kinds of actions by controlling
the mouse and keyboard only. Combined with its in-built randomization features and smart character control, it’s behavior
can hardly be told apart from that of a human and allows you to play with lessened suspicion from other players.




BBot Tibia 10.31

Map- Shows the map (only global)
Xray- Shows creatures below us, above us.
Eat Food- Eats food. (Must be open backpack)
Auto Group Item- Automatically grouped items. (For example, cassette, food)
Advanced Messages- Shows additional messages in cliet Tibia.
Exp Informations - It shows information about the exp gain.
Exp Got Informations- Shows additional information gained exp gain.
Fast Hand- The OTS disabled. I do not know how to Global.
Anti Idle- Form does not log off after 15 minutes.
Fishing- fishing.
Cap- It stops when we go fishing cap xX.
Advanced Is attackable- I do not know what that means.
Show Invisible Creatures- Showing invisible monsters. The OTS this option is not available. I do not know how the Global.
Is attackable marks- Marks monsters which attack us.
Remove Paralysis using: Choose a spell on anti-paralysis.
Light- Select the intensity of light.
Player on screen- The player on the screen.
Monster/NPC on screen- Monsters / NPCs on the screen.
Messaged- If you get a message.
Low health- The low level of life.
Low mana- The low level of mana.
Low ammunition- When we have enough ammunition.
Low capality- When we have enough cap.
Game-Master- When GM log..
Add my VIP- Automatically adds all the people in our VIP list.
Magic Item- Choose what is realistic. (Selectable blank rune and spear)
Spell- What should speak with casting spells.
Mana- Number of mana to enchant.
Soul- Number of souls (Soul Points)
Alert when no soul- Alarm when we do not have points Soul.
Alart when no magic item- Alarm when there is no blanks or spear.
Alert when no food- Alarm when we do not have their food.
Combo- It attacks at the same time. Choose Leader Combo.Na example, a character with the nick "Bbot". Several people with bot
fits me (in this case) as leadera.When attack someone / something they would automatically also.
Shoot- What we choose to attack.




Tibia New Xenobot Tibia 10.31

*Advanced Cavebot
*Ability to create powerful depositors and refillers
*Lua scripting functionality
*Slick, integrated GUI
*Powerful healing interface
*Advanced combo bot and frag helper
*Cutting-edge integration technology
*Light Hack
*Advanced X-Ray
*Showing item/creature ID’s on look
*Showing mana bar above head
*Magic wall and tree wall timers
*Mana restore
*Paralyze cure
*Advanced poison, burn, electrified and curse cure
*Re-cast haste, mana shield, invisible, and recovery
*Summon and slime identification
*Hold target
*Enhanced backpack information
*Saving and loading of settings
*Exiva shortcuts
*Advanced HUD
*Intelligent trade watcher
*Even more!


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